Saturday, September 17, 2011

My One Month Anniversary On Empire Avenue

September 13th, Tuesday, was my 1 month anniversary on Empire Avenue. I started on August 13th and I want to give a shout out and say “thanks” to all my investors.

When I started EA, I set a first month goal of reaching 1,000,000 eaves and a stock price of 60-85 eaves. I reached 1 million eaves in about ten days and today I am at 1,720,295 eaves. My stock price is 87.91 eaves.

(from FAQ page) Stock Price 60-85:
Exceptional social media user
Very active on a handful of social media sites
Find it hard not to post on your sites (perhaps you should seek addiction counseling?)
You are followed, nay, stalked — you have a large audience on all sites
It looks like investors like you — they own more of you than you do!

And I am currently at 87.91...

I am President (the #2 position) on the "Video Blogging" index.

To be honest, I am not much for playing Internet games. I don’t do Farmville or any of the many games. Never have and most likely never will…But I find Empire Avenue fascinating, it is a great Social Media metric. I like how I can track my activity on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, and my blogs all in one place. If I see my activity slipping in one platform I can pick up the pace.

So I want to take a moment to thank everyone for purchasing my stock, for investing in me. Of course, I think I am a great investment. My stock price continues to climb (much slower now but still going up). My Dividend stays around 0.96-0.98 eaves, and recently has increased to 1.05 giving me well over 1.0 ROI (1.2).

T-H-A-N-K Y-O-U Arrrrrrr.


P.S. And because Empire Ave is about being social and making connections. The most excellent way to be supportin' Capt Rob and Pirate Lifestyle TV is ta LIKE & FAVORITE & THUMBS UP his videos an' be sharin' it wit' ye friends on Facebook an' Twitter.

A humble pirate "thank you" fer doin' this. Arrrrr.


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