Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Troubleshooting a Charger System Problem on sv Bella Rose

Ahoy me hearty.

Well, last night I noticed the fan running a LOT on our Xantrex battery charger. Cheri and Jonathan are away, and I am sitting here by myself (and the pets). I was reading, TV turned off, and my laptop was running. So it was quiet, and I could here the fan clicking on and off, in what I thought, short intervals. I didn't actually measure them but is was probably 15-20 seconds...


Knowing something wasn't right and even though it was after 8pm, I decided to look into it. I removed the pots and pans fron their cabinet and removed 2 screws from one side of a pegboard that separates the boat guts side from the pots and pans side. Bending the pegboard out (it was still attached on the far side), I could see the current lights on the charger were randomly flashing...Not a good thing. Grabbing a flashlight I looked in and saw the vents on the charger were covered with a quilt, I mean bunch of lint and dust. 

So I shut down the charger and vacuumed up the crude. I double checked the batteries in their cabinet and they looked fine and felt cool (not hot). I let the charger set for about one hour and then decided to go ahead and turn it back on, rather than leaving it off until morning. 

More too come as I continue with this problem...


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