Thursday, January 12, 2012

YouTube is Changing, It is a New Year, and my 2 Year Anniversary

You won’t believe what you’ll see in this video. Let’s get started. 

You know, when I started doing this, my goal was to share a bit of our life. We live on this sailboat and I thought you might find our story interesting. 

Over the past two years I have received lots of advice on how to improve my videos, and I will be incorporating a lot of your thoughts and ideas in my videos. 

For example, many of you find my “Mr. Rogers” style of talking condescending. You feel I am treating you as babies, and that I come across as I’m smart and you’re not. Well no more. 

Watch the video to see all of the many changes. 

Please post a comment on the video, thanks...


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  1. Peaceful Thought Come To Mind... You Say My Thoughts Exactly Here. I wish I was You Here...