Monday, February 13, 2012

LED Flashlight - Life Gear GLOW 200 hrs white/red Flasher - Waterproof & Floats

Life Gear 

200 hour LED Glow Waterproof 
Flashlight + Flasher

Lightweight, storable, reusable, everyday glow flashlight!

Don’t get caught in the dark!

Whether you’re telling scary stories fireside, walking home at night, or searching in your backpack while in a dark tent or at night in the car, this powerful, compact “natural light” flashlight can help save the day.


LED technology
Waterproof super bright LED flashlight
Emergency Signaling Options
Turns on automatically when immersed in water
Life-Gear FREE Battery Replacement Program included
Warm LED lightbulb used (not harsh blue LED light).

4 Light Modes:
LED flashlight,
glow mode with LED flashlight,
glow mode,
and flasher mode

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Brand new and in the original package.



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