Saturday, October 22, 2011

Quick Response [QR] code

Ahoy matey. Do you know what QR codes are?

Well I hadn't paid much attention to them...Until recently. They are pretty darn neat things. Barcodes, the ones we all see on items, are one dimensional images. Because of this, they cannot contain much information. In fact, the standard barcode contains just 12 numbers. And all they can contain is numbers, period.

The new QR codes are two dimensional and can contain most any kind of information.

I created one yesterday with an online QR code generator. Here it is.

It is a link to my YouTube channel - Pirate Lifestyle TV.

That is right!! If you "read" this image with a mobile device like a smart phone, this image contains the information:

Wicked sweet. Don't you think so?

Have a look at them and play around with them.



  1. Loved it...Har har har...guess I'm a pirate, too!

    Twitter, FB, 1+'ed it and now heading to your Utube channel to subscribe.

    see ya matey!

  2. Test your code before release: Before the actual print your QR code scanner with different applications and different mobile smart phone devices for testing. May look great on the iPhone, you can not look so great on the BlackBerry or Android.

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