Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Klout Follow Up

This is a follow up post to the Klout post of Oct 27, 2011.


In this thread I questioned whether Klout is a tool or a game. Please read it to see what I am talking about.

Today, when I visited the Klout site I saw a pleasant surprise.

I have some good news about my Klout Score. Evidently some adjustment has been made. Remember, before the algorithm change, my Klout score was a steady 56-57. After the change it dropped to 50 and slowly decreased to 49.47, 49, yesterday.

Well, today it jumped up to 54!! Woo-hoo. Something must have been adjusted.

Thank you Klout for whatever happened! I definitely feel better about my score today.

A humble pirate thank you.


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